Visit us Mon-Sat 11-5, Sun 11-4. Online shopping & curbside pick up available!

COVID-19 Procedures

Dear customers,

We've put in place new procedures to ensure our staff and community remains safe while visiting our store. Please read them and e-mail us if you have any further questions at

Our current modified hours of operations are: 

Tuesday to Saturday 11-4, closed Sunday & Monday. We will re-open on Sundays starting in June.

To ensure everyone's safety during your visit:

If you are sick or have respiratory symptoms please do not visit our shop.

Maintain social distancing (2 meters) at all times inside our store or while waiting outside.

Only 3 customers are permitted inside the store at all times (1 per household as much as possible please).

We are here to help!  Limit product touching and ask for assistance!

We're removed all testers but we can help describe our products as best we can.

We are not accepting cash payments at this time.  Please use debit or credit. The tap function is preferable.  We sanitize the keypad on a regular basis and hand sanitizer is available.

We have installed a plexiglass barrier by the check-out area for added safety.

We have a same day contactless curbside pick-up option.  Most of our products are now available on our online store.  You will receive an e-mail once your order is ready (we try to prepare it within an hour during business hours, but sometimes we are busy so it may take a little longer).  Then you give us a call once you are outside the shop and we will place your bag on the table outside. (Please note that Routine Deodorant and Nelson Natural Toothpaste refills cannot be ordered online as we refill your original container).

We now have a new way of doing refills to minimize handling and ensure everyone remains safe!  It goes as such:

- We are no longer accepting customers' own containers.

- We now pre-fill liquid bulk items (such as soaps, shampoo, cleaners, etc...) in mason jars and teas & powders in recyclable paper bags.  The price of refills in jars includes a refundable deposit fee of $1.50. When you bring back the fully clean mason jar and lid, we give you the deposit back.  We will wash + sanitize + refill the jars over and over again.  We can only accept the jars we provide though.

- Routine Deodorant refills: please bring back your empty and clean original Routine glass jar.  We will sanitize and refill it for you while you wait.

- Nelson Naturals Toothpaste refills: please bring back you clean original Nelson glass jar (regular size only, not the travel size).  We will sanitize + refill it for you while you wait. Crush and Brush refills are not available at this time.

We encourage you to bring your own shopping bag to reduce waste, but if you do you will have to package your products yourself.  We are happy to provide you with a recyclable paper bag and package your purchase or gift for you.


Q. Why can't I bring my own container to refill? 

A.  In order to minimize contact we are unfortunately not accepting customers' containers any longer.  We came up with the Mason Jar pre-filling system that allows us to continue re-using containers + reducing the amount of single use plastic that ends up the landfill and ocean while ensuring our staff and community stay safe.  

Q: What if I want to keep the Mason Jar and not return it?

A:  No problem!  You can keep the jar and use it for pickles, jam, smoothies or to store pantry items!  We are not making a profit on the jar, we are charging you what we pay.  Mason jars are so useful around the house!

Q: What if I want to drop off my empty mason jars but don't want to wait to get my deposit money back?

A: No problem! You will have the option to leave the deposit money with us and we will donate it to Share Society Food Bank to help feed those in need.

Q: I have a clean empty jar of Routine Deodorant.  Do I need to refill it with the same one or can I pick a different scent?

A: You can get any scent refilled in your Routine jar!  We get it - sometimes it's nice to try something new! 

Q: I would like to fill up my Routine Deodorant jar just halfway. Can you do this?

A: Unfortunately not.  We are no longer selling our refill products by weight so we will fill up your jar to the top.  But you save money when you refill compared to buying the original jar so it is worth it!

Q: I noticed some refill items are no longer on the menu.  Why is that?

A: Your observation is correct.  We've had to make some changes in our product line for many reasons.  But we will update our website if a product becomes available again.

Q. Some of your teas have been showing as sold out for a few weeks now.  What is the deal? When will you get them again?

A. You are right, and we feel really embarrassed about that situation.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been irregularities with supplies and  shipments, which is completely out of our control.  We can't believe we've been unable to drink our morning Irish Breakfast tea for almost a month now!! We can assure you that we will update the website as soon as our products are back in stock and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Q. I've accumulated a bunch of your mason jars over the last couple of months and you told me you'd be able to take them back at some point.  Can I bring them in now?

A. YES! And thank you for your patience! We are now set up with a full safety and sanitation plan in compliance with WorkSafe BC & Fraser Health guidelines.  We are ready to take our mason jars back.  Please ensure they are fully clean before bringing them over.

Q. Can I still smell the teas from your gold tins?

A. Sadly... you can't... It is really not safe anymore. We have a tea menu with descriptions and are happy to give you additional information.  If you really need to smell we can put a small amount of tea on a napkin for you to smell though.

Q. Will you ever go back to refilling our own containers?

A. We put a lot of thought behind this question.  Refilling is a central part of our business and values.  We had to come up with a new safer way of refilling and so far we are really happy with it and so are our customers.  The advantage is that is it quick and you can also order refills online. So we believe we will keep this system in place from now on to simplify our systems and be able to serve you quicker (you don't have to wait in line for your refills anymore) and in a very safe manner.